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Kingdom Leader, 
Author, & Life Coach  



How are you starting your mornings? Are you engaged in the powerful acts of declaring and decreeing according to the Word of God or are you hitting the snooze button for more sleep, checking your social media, or rushing to start your day? Are you fully devoted to praying in the Spirit and in your native language on a daily basis? 


Check out the Commander’s Invitation to learn how to set the course of your day in such a way that you see consistent manifestation in your life!


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Dr. David E. Jackson is a man who knows firsthand what it takes to overcome obstacles and challenges.  God has allowed Dr. Jackson to overcome various social and spiritual battles to emerge as a leading kingdom and marketplace voice in the 21st Century. 


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Destiny Surge Coaching & Consulting

Destiny Surge  Coaching: Powerful Forward Movement with Practical Life Strategies. Dr Jackson is a certified life coach with a unique ability to help people reach their goals quickly.

The Watchmen Project

The Watchmen Project Church Security training is so needed today in light of the numerous crimes against persons and property at places of worship. Dr. David E. Jackson is a former law enforcement professional and faith leader with practical and biblical information that will help faith leaders better equip their congregations to secure their houses of worship.

Commanders Circle

The Commander’s Circle provides you an up close and personal connection with Dr. Jackson as he shares strategies, information, and insight on a daily basis that will empower you to commander your day and your destiny. Invest in your development by joining the Commander’s Circle today!

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