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D.E. Jackson Enterprises, LLC

D.E. Jackson Enterprises, LLC is a life giving, countercultural Kingdom movement led by Dr. David E. Jackson. The mission of the enterprise is empower people and organizations to discover, activate, and utilize their God-given purpose through practical instruction, consulting, and learning products.

The enterprise offers training such as Leadership Development, Church security training, and educational consulting. In addition, Dr. Jackson is an iterate preacher who travels extensively throughout the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and abroad. The ministry of Dr. David E. Jackson is beyond a mere event but an experience that he affectionately calls the “5 Pillar of Breakthrough.” God has graced Dr. Jackson with an unusual combination of anointing, intellect, and relevance that is life giving and transforming. He brings a unique experience that offers practical biblical teaching, a humorous “keep it real” approach shared through everyday real life examples followed with signs and wonders. Dr. Jackson has been fortunate to minister in a variety of ministries and settings both nationally and internationally granting him a special sensitivity and ability to communicate effectively to the audience he has the privilege of sharing with.

The evidence and results of Dr. Jackson’s ministry pours in through the countless testimonies and stories from around the world of how people life’s are transformed and renew as a result of encountering this anointed servant of the Lord.

To invite Dr. Jackson to your ministry or organization, please email

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